Assisting the People and Citizens of the Republic of Vanuatu Overseas

This charter outlines the consular services and assistance provided by the Vanuatu Government.

To provide efficient diplomatic, protocol and consular assistance to the People and Citizens of Vanuatu travelling or residing abroad and also to the People of Vietnam intending to travel to Vanuatu.

Who we can assist

  • People and Citizens of the Republic of Vanuatu
  • Customers intending to travel to the Republic of Vanuatu

We strive to

  • Empower the citizens of Vanuatu to help themselves abroad
  • Effectively prepare for and manage overseas predicaments
  • Deliver an efficient consular service

We aim to

  • Attend to ALL enquiries courteously, promptly and efficiently
  • Clear explanations and efficient assistance will be accorded with matters concerning the state and its people

What You Need to Know and Do

  • Comply with all travel and prescribed legal requirements of Vanuatu
  • Ensure you accord the relevant courtesy and conduct during the entirety of your travel
  • Ensure you acquire ALL information pertaining to health, safety and relevant locations that you intend to visit
  • Ensure you travel with valid documentation
  • Take full responsibility of your personal choices, safety, finances and document pertinent to your travel
  • Ensure ALL information provided before your travel are authentic
  • Ensure you accord to the officers of the Vanuatu Consulate General courtesy and respect

While we are prepared to provide the consular services and advice, neither the Vanuatu Government nor its agents or employees, including members of the diplomatic and consular staff herein the Vanuatu Consulate General office in Ho Chi Minh City, can accept liability for any injury, loss or damage arising in respect of any statement contained herein this charter.