In 2006, Vanuatu ranked number 1 out of 178 countries in the Happy Planet Index as the Happiest Country in the world- a measure of efficiency in delivering long and happy lives with minimal environmental impact.

However, COVID-19 had a overwhelming impact on Vanuatu’s tourism industry that saw the country’s enforcement of strict COVID-19 measures on inbound and outband travel and caused a somewhat standstill in the influx of international visitors, vastly affecting the tourism industry.

The Vanuatu Government and other relevant stakeholders’ embraced a positive narrative and with much persistent and commitment were able to sustain the tourism industry.

Thus emerged the launching of the domestic tourism marketing campaign, Sapotem Lokol Tourism. This campaign ensured that the Tourism industry was able to thrive during the pandemic while encouraging the locals and residents to optimize and enjoy more of what Vanuatu has to offer.

With its pristine waters, white sandy beaches and lush tropical landscapes, Vanuatu offers you your very own piece of heaven or paradise. So why not take the plunge, Vanuatu looks forward to having you.

Should you require further information on tourism in Vanuatu, please

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