Vanuatu’s economy thrives on it being an agricultural base of which 80% of the population depends entirely on subsistence agriculture for their daily sustenance.

The subsistence sector is predominantly centred around root crops, namely Taro, Yam, Cassava and Sweet Potato, for consumption and cultural purposes.

The commercial sector, on the other hand, is dominated by four cash crops, namely, cocoa, kava, coffee and coconut.

Copra, the dominant commodity of the four has seen a

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Vanuatu Principal Customs Brokers



Email Contacts


Agence Gauchet  Port Vila 22539 / 26129
Alain’s Clearance Agent Port Vila 7786165
Bella’s Customs Clearance Agency Port Vila 7732573
Boe & Antfalo Customs Agent Port Vila 22336 / 5434890 
Customs International Freighters Port Vila 7787101
Fr8 Logistics, DHL Port Vila 34477
IPACC  Port Vila 5545064 / 23222 
JEP Import & Export Consultants Port Vila 7738372
Kenneth Customs Agent  Port Vila 7308096
Pacific and Freight Agencies Port Vila  5533030
Right Freight Services  Port Vila 7744690
Seru’s Customs Agent Port Vila 7791831/5553068
Sisi Customs Agent  Port Vila 7728197
Vanuatu Agencies  Port Vila 22490 / 23943
Vanuatu’s Own Logistics Port Vila 7788474
Violet Customs Agent Luganville 36329 
Willie Clearance Agent  Port Vila 7109527