This strategy aims to make Vietnamese rice known, and connect it to easily accessible and widespread distribution systems, including online sales…since then large distribution systems will be interested.

The advertising poster “Viet Nam, the land of the best rice in the world” was deployed by the Trade Office in the part-time area of Vanuatu.

During the trip accompanying the Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia to present his credentials to the Republic of Vanuatu, the Head of the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia connected businesses to successfully sign a contract to export 10 containers of ST25 rice to this island country for the first shipment and the parties also reached an agreement on the next shipments, the total demand is expected to be up to thousands of tons of Vietnamese rice to Vanuatu.

The Vietnam Trade Office in Australia has helped Vietnamese enterprises to sign a contract to export ten containers of ST25 rice to Vanuatu. Head of the trade office Nguyen Phu Hoa said that the parties have also agreed on the next shipments, with the total demand expected to be up to thousands of tonnes of Vietnamese rice to Vanuatu.

In addition to supporting the successful signing of contracts and completing bank procedures to transfer 30% deposits to Vietnamese businesses, the trade office head and the business visited each major supermarket in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, to give supermarket owners a try, and invite the consumption of Vietnamese rice.

Not only this shipment, but also all rice exporters to Vanuatu will be promoted by the Trade Office.

In Australia, for 3 years, with the slogan “Vietnam, the land of the best rice in the world” created by the Trade Office to affirm the quality of Vietnamese rice, along with the strategy of “creating demand” has helped Vietnamese rice has a foothold in the Australian market even in distant states.

This is a sustainable approach, because if put right on the shelves of large supermarkets when the market is not aware, it will only last for a short time. After efforts to market Vietnamese rice in the Australian market, the Trade Office promoted promotion to part-time markets, including the island country – Vanuatu.

In the middle of last year, a shipment of ST25 rice that was brought into a Costco supermarket in Canberra, Australia had a good effect. The ST25 rice shipment sold at Costco is exported by Co May enterprise (Dong Thap).

Source: Integrated Enterprise Electronic Magazine